Short Distance Challenge

Shoot Short Distance rounds and try to match or exceed your previous archer skill level. Your archer skill level can be found on the ArcherySuccess app scorecards, as well as on the score and plot pages.   

Short Distance Challenge

The Challenge

1. Determine the skill level you have been aiming to achieve/maintain for your preferred indoor/outdoor round

2. Measure the distance from your ‘shooting line’ to your target and round the distance to the nearest metre.

3. On the ArcherySuccess rounds page, search for the phrase Short Distance and choose a short distance round that is close to your measured distance, 

  • e.g. AS 4/720 is an ArcherySuccess round, shot at 4m on a 15cm target face, with a total score of 720. 
  • You can also create new custom rounds with distances in metres, yard or feet.

4. Print off the target face and pin it to your target 

5. Shoot and score/plot the round in ArcherySuccess. 

  • Your archer skill level will automatically be calculated in app.

Using this method, you can compare the skill level shot with that you are trying to achieve/maintain.