FAQ / How to

Here is a list of the questions we have received. We have divided it into General Questions and How to sections. If you have any questions or new feature requests please contact us

General Questions

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use ArcherySuccess?

 Once you installed the app you do not need an internet connection to use the app. All data is stored on your phone. You can score, plot, journalise, make notes, keep track of gear setup and more, at your fingertips 

What happens to my new feature request once submitted?

We are constantly improving the app and your feedback helps prioritize the app development direction. All new feature development requests and improvement suggestions are added to a development list. As more people request a certain feature the higher it moves up the list. 

Can ArcherySuccess data be synced from one device to another?

At this time app data cannot be sync from one device to another but we have added  "enable the syncing of application data between devices" to the list of app features to be investigated 

Which archery rounds are supported by ArcherySuccess?

ArcherySuccess have  over 300 build in rounds. Click HERE for a list of current archery rounds supported.  Additional rounds can easily be created using the custom round feature.

Does ArcherySuccess support Imperial scoring, e.g. 9.7,5,3,1?

For Imperial scoring, ArcherySuccess follows Archery GB guidelines where the gold rings count max 9.  For Archery GB scoring information, please refer to http://www.archerygb.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/12ScoringTournaments3-14276.pdf.

How do I backup my ArcherySuccess data?

Under Settings, scroll down to Backups. This  links to information on how to setup your phone or tablet for backups to cloud, plus give access to Advanced Backup options for on device backups. You can find more information here


How to...

How do I check the app version in ArcherySuccess?

  1. Open ArcherySuccess
  2. Tap the Progress tab
  3. Tap the Settings icon (gear icon, top left of screen) to open the settings page.
  4. The app version number is displayed under the heading "About &  Support"

How do I track my archery activities?

Archery activities are tracked in the journal tab. Rounds shot automatically appear in the journal. You can also add activity notes, arrow counts and summary scores, to the journal.  All journal items are reported on in the progress tab, which give you an instant weekly progress report to email to anyone, most likely yourself or your coach.

Can I have more than one favourite round?

The current version of the app only allows for one favourite round. But, if both your favourite rounds are for example 70m, clicking or searching for 70m will bring up all 70m rounds with one tap for easy selection.

How do I resume a round in ArcherySuccess?

 To resume any round: 

  1. Tap the Journal tab at bottom of screen 
  2. iPhone/iPad: slide left on the round you want to resume and choose resume from the menu
  3. Android: press down on the round you want to resume until a menu appears at the top of the screen and select resume from the menu.
  4. After selecting the resume option, the Plot tab will be displayed and the round you selected to resume will be shown.

Can I filter the list of available rounds in ArcherySuccess?

Yes, you can.

  1. On the Plot or Score Tab, tap the New Round Icon in the top right of the page (the icon is magnifying glass with a cross in it)
  2. Next to Round Search (magnifying glass icon), click the Funnel Icon, which will display the round filter page.
  3. Rounds highlighted in yellow with a green tick mark will be available in the round list for search and selection

How do I score marked and unmarked NFAA or WA field rounds?

Field round layouts tend to change over time or even from day to day. ArcherySuccess caters for field round layout changes by defining field round templates, which allows archers to easily change target details, such as distance and target face, as they progress through the round.

To score marked or unmarked field rounds:

  1. Select the field round from the round list. 
  2. This will create a new field round and bring up the Plot screen, which will show Target #1. 
  3. If you are not shooting on Target #1, use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen to navigate to the target # you will be shooting, and click the first arrow cell at the bottom of the screen to indicate you want to start scoring on the selected Target # (alternatively click the Score Tab and select the Target # and arrow position in the score card for the Target # you are on)
  4. If the target face and distance do not match the Target # you are shooting, simply click the Icon with Circle and a Dot to open the Change Target page and match the detail of the target you are shooting.
  5. As you progress with scoring through the field course adjust the target details in the app to match the course details

Alternatively, if you shoot the same field round layout frequently, a custom round can be created which mirrors the physical field round layout.

How do I change the Gear Setup, Competition Level, Date or add a Note to a round?

If the round is already in progress:

On the Score and Plot Tabs, click the Note Icon (the Paper Icon with one corner folded over), this will bring up the Edit Round Note page. 

If it is a historical round:

Tap the Journal Tab, find the round of interest then depending on the phone you are using:

  • iPhone/iPad: slide left on the round and choose Notes from the menu
  • Android: press down on the round you want to resume until a menu appears at the top of the screen and select Notes from the menu.


Note: The default gear setup for a new round is your favourite setup, which can be found by Tapping Gear. The first setup in the list (with the gold star) is your favourite setup.  Steps to change the favourite gear setup:

  • iPhone/iPad: slide left on the round and choose Favourite from the menu
  • Android: press down on the round you want to resume until a menu appears at the top of the screen and select Favourite from the menu.

What is the Archer Skill rating?

The archer skill rating is based on the skill rating formula developed by Dr.James Park.  For more information see: Park, J. L. (2014) ‘Modelling archers’ scores at different distances to quantify score loss due to equipment selection and technique errors’, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part P: Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology, 228(4), pp. 250–258. doi: 10.1177/1754337114539308.

We would like to thank Dr. Park for his assistance, and allowing us to use his skill rating formula, in our app, ArcherySuccess.

How to do arrow tagging and analysis

How do I Tag an arrow?


To tag arrows, you will need to number all your arrows. The most common way arrows are numbered, either by writing a unique arrow number on the arrow shaft for each arrow in the set, or by using numbered arrow wraps. ArcherySuccess supports arrow numbers between 1 to 24.

You will tag you arrows as part of scoring at the target; to tag your arrows:

  1. First Plot the arrow score, then click the Tag icon (the icon looks like a Tag). Clicking the Tag icon is only needed if you have not enabled the “Plot and Tag” feature.
  2. On the Assign Tag Page, click the Tag number which correspond to the arrow number.
  3. The arrow will be tagged and the Plot page will be displayed.
  4. The Tag number assigned will be displayed above the arrow score at the bottom of the Plot Tab.


  • If you are tagging all scored arrows, turn the “Plot and Tag?” switch To ON in the Assign Tag page. Doing this will speed up the tagging process as the Assign Tag page will be displayed after each arrow plot.
  • Arrow Tagging is only supported for plotted arrows.

How do I do Tag Analysis?

To access the Tag Analysis screen from the Journal Tab:

  • iPhone/iPad: slide left on the round and choose Analysis from the menu
  • Android: press down on the round you want to resume until a menu appears at the top of the screen and select Analysis from the menu.

To access the Tag Analysis screen from the plot Tab:

  • Tap the Tag Icon
  • On the Assign Tag page, click the graph icon in the top right hand corner of the page

How To - Downloads

ArcherySuccess - Score Tab User Manual (pdf)


ArcherySuccess - How to change the bow assigned to a gear setup (docx)


ArcherySuccess - How to change your favourite round (docx)


ArcherySuccess - Howto remove rounds from the rounds list (docx)


ArcherySuccess - How do I do Arrow Tagging (docx)


ArcherySuccess - How to use the arrow count feature to record unscored arrows - v2 (docx)


ArcherySuccess - How to enable color printing of html scorecards and progress reports (pdf)


ArcherySuccess - How to create a custom round v2 (docx)