Progress Tab

Archery Success App - Progress Report with more than one bow

Progress Tab

This is a weekly progress dashboard where you can see the following: 

A report on arrow count vs arrow count goal.

  • Rounds shot for the week with scores.
  • Other journal entries, such as notes and arrows count added to the journal during the week.

Two graphs are displayed for key metrics:

  • One graph shows arrow count by weekday
  • Another graph shows arrow average by weekday

You can also:

  • Access historical weekly reports by clicking the caret-left icon which changes the report to a previous week.
  • Use the Settings button located at the top left of the progress tab to enter the archer’s name and default email address which will be used to email reports. 
  • Select the start day of the week for the progress report
  • Set the weekly arrow count goal. 
  • E-mail the weekly progress report, in html format, via the default email client on the phone with a button click. The button is located on the right top of the screen.
  • See the About and Licensing information 
  • See app support website

Settings Screen

ArcherySuccess - Archery Scoring App for iOs and Android devices

Getting started with Archery Success

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Archer Details

  • Enter Archer (your) Name, Archer ID and Archer Club in the fields provided. 
  • If configured then the information will also be displayed on the Journal Score Card.

Default Email For Reports

  • Enter the email address of the person you want to receive your progress report.
  • This email address can be change or more recipients added at time of sending the report. 

Progress Report

  • You can compile weekly progress reports with ArcherySuccess.
  • Start of Week: Choose the start day for your training report. If you report to your coach on a Monday then you would enter Monday. 
  • Arrow count target: Enter the number of arrows you plan to shoot during the week.  

About & Support

Information found here:

  • App version number
  • A link to ArcherySuccess website
  • The privacy Policy
  • Programming Libraries Used