Supporting your Archery Success

We value your feedback. Once you are familiar with the app features we would appreciate a moment of your time to rate or review ArcherySuccess on the app store. 

We are constantly improving  the app. If you have new feature requests, questions, suggestions for improvements or need support, please let us know.

Hint: The quickest way to give feedback is to click on the link provided at the top of the settings page worded: "Like the App? Please Rate In Store..."  Tapping this link will take you to the ArcherySuccess page on the app store. 

Getting started with ArcherySuccess

Enter Archer Details


  • Enter your name, archer ID and club name. This info will appear on your scorecard and your name will be on your progress report.
  • Enter the default email address for your weekly progress report eg your coach. Email address can be changed when sending the report. 
  • Enter a Default location. This is the place where you practice most. 
  • Enter the day of week your training week starts on.    
  • Enter your arrow count target for the week. This includes blank bail shooting.

App Information


  • App version number - To get the most value from the app always use the latest version. 
  • Backups - Tap for instructions on how to backup your archery data either to your phone or to the cloud
  • A  link to
  • A link to our privacy policy
  • Tap to see a list of libraries used to develop the app