About ArcherySuccess

ArcherySuccess would like to be part of your archery success. The archery scoring app has five main features grouped under the Progress, Journal, Score, Plot and Gear tabs to help you and/or your coach keep track of arrow counts, personal best score, gear setups and general training to track your progress. For more all the app features click HERE or for device related screenshots click here for iOS and here for Android.

Benefits for archers and coaches

Goal setting and tracking

  • ArcherySuccess makes it easy to track arrow volumes.
  • Archers can set a weekly arrow count target and then track their progress against the target. 
  • The total arrow count will increase as arrow count notes are added or rounds are scored. 
  • Deleting rounds or arrow count notes will decrease the total arrow count. 
  • An easily interpreted graph displays the arrow count volume trend and a percentage calculation displays arrow count volume progress vs the set goal.

Easy Progress Reporting

  • With a single tap an archer can create an email of their progress to send to their coach. 
  • The coach will receive reports in the same readable format from archers using ArcherySuccess. 
  • The html based information in the reports can easily be copied for further analysis.

Time saving

  • Archers don't need to manually compile weekly progress reports to coaches. 
  • Archers simply capture training information on the go and can instantly view progress report updates.

Personal Best Scorecard

Click on the cup icon (top right of screenshot showing the Arrow Count graph above) to see your Personal Best Scorecard.

Send a progress report e-mail

Click the mail icon at the top right of the screenshot above (on phone) or to the left (on desktop) showing the Personal Best Scorecard to generate an e-mail of your training activities for the week.

How to set the e-mail address for progress report

Click on settings icon (one looking like a gear) at the top left of the screen.  Enter the archer name and an default e-mail address for the progress report. Towards the bottom of this page is a button to download an example of the progress report.

When you click the mail icon (as described above) to send the e-mail you can add more recipients or change the default e-mail address before you send the report.  

Archer Progress Report

Click the button below to see an example of an emailed progress report sent from an archer to their archery coach.

This report was automatically generated from the data the archer captured during training sessions and the email was sent in html format.

Archery Score Progress report (pdf)