Plot Tab

ArcherySuccess Archery Scoring App for iPhone - Precision plotting screen

Plot Tab

The plot tab works in sync with the Score tab. The main difference is it allows for round scores to be entered via touching a zoomable target face. 

  • The target face shown on the plot screen matches the round being scored, e.g. for a Vegas round the Vegas three sport target face will be shown.
  • Buttons are provided to quickly center, zoom and for three spot targets, to also select a target by number. 
  • A button which enables or disables showing the center of the arrow group for an end is provided. 
  • On three spot targets the group indicator is displayed on the 2nd target. 
  • A single finger touch and move gesture can be used to pan the target face quickly. Touching two fingers to the target face and then using a pinch type gesture can be used to zoom the target face in and out. 
  • Score entry can be done either via single tap (Quick Entry) or tap and hold (Precision Plotting), which brings up precision plotting cross hairs. 
  • Arrows plotted can be removed via undo or changed by selecting the arrow in the score sheet and the plotting the new arrow value. 
  • Only arrow values entered via the plot screen will appear on the target face, if the arrow value is entered via the Score tab, then it will not be shown on the target face, but will still be shown and counted, as part of the end. 
  • Arrows missed and their miss direction can be plotted in a grey band which is around the target face.  
  • Round and end total are shown at the top of the plot screen, and the arrow values for the current end is shown at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Current end arrows are shown on the target face as arrow values inside a green circle, previous end arrows are shown as a black circle to reflect holes for arrows shot in the target face. 
  • A notes button allows for notes to be added to the score sheet and also for the selection of the gear setup used to shoot the round.  Gear info can be changed or created via the gear tab. Rounds can be viewed or resume by sliding left on the journal entry on the journal tab and selecting resume.
  •  An automatic round locking mechanism has been added to prevent accidental score changes to completed rounds. 
  • Rounds can also easily be locked and unlocked at the press of a button 
  • Tag arrows  for cluster analysis and arrow culling

Arrow Tagging

Arrow tagging for cluster analysis and arrow culling

  • Easily identify numbered arrows which don't group.
  • Simply Plot and Tag each well shot arrow with a number.
  • Use the Tag Analysis screen to see where the arrow Tag grouped. 
  • Tags from 1 to 24 are supported.    

Arrow Tagging can be enabled for each arrow plotted, or can be done for selected arrows as needed.  

Tag Analysis

Cluster direction indicators can be enabled on the tag analysis screen. The indicators show the direction of the primary arrow cluster from the center of the target and also the direction of the tag of interest cluster from the center of the primary cluster.