Journal Tab

Archery scoring app and training journal - Add as many notes as you like!

Jounal Tab

The Journal Tab provides access to a searchable list of all rounds shot, notes, arrow counts, etc.  All information displayed in the list is searchable. 

You can:

  • Search the journal by entering search text into a search text box.
  • Resume or delete an entry by sliding left on an existing journal entry
  • Edit the note associated with a round by sliding left on an existing journal entry
  • Enter custom journal entries for a selectable date and time.

Custom journal entries are:

  • Arrow count journal entries - Can be used either to enter a single arrow count value or add/delete arrow counts in selected increments, via single button click. This makes the screen useful as an arrow counter. A note can also be stored with the arrow count.
  • Notes journal entries - Entries can be used to add anything of note to the journal, which will be included in the progress report.
  • Round journal entries – These entries will appear in the journal when created via the Score or Plots tabs. Clicking on a round will show the score sheet for the round, including arrow plot. The score sheet can be emailed, in html format, via the default email client on the phone with a button click. When viewing the round in in progress the score sheet will be updated immediately as the round is scored.

Archery  coaches and archers in training programs click here for more info.

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