How do I check the version of ArcherySuccess?

  1. Open the progress tab.
  2. Tap the settings icon (top left of screen) to open the settings page.
  3. The version number is displayed under the heading "About & Support"

How does ArcherySuccess App do Outdoor Imperial round scoring?

For Outdoor Imperial round scoring, ArcherySuccess follows Archery GB guidelines where the gold rings count max 9.  For metric rounds the inner gold ring counts 10  and the outer gold ring counts 9.

For Archery GB scoring information, please refer to http://www.archerygb.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/12ScoringTournaments3-14276.pdf

Can ArcherySuccess app configuration data be synced from one device to another.

At this time app configuration data cannot be sync from one device to another but we have added  "enable the syncing of application data between devices" to the list of app features to be investigated. 

How do I track my archery activities?

Archery activities are tracked in the journal tab. Rounds shot automatically appear in the journal. You can also add activity notes, including arrow count, to the journal.  All items in the journal are reported on in the progress tab, which give you an instant weekly progress report to email to anyone, most likely yourself or your coach.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use ArcherySuccess App?

Once you installed the app you do not need an internet connection to use the app. All 

data is stored on your phone. You can score, plot, journalise, make notes, keep track of gear setup and more. Have all your archery stats at your fingertips! 

Can I have more than one favourite round?

This version of the app only allows for one favourite round. But, if both your favourite rounds are for example 70m, clicking 70m will bring up all 70m rounds with one tap for easy selection.

What happens to my new feature request once submitted?

We are constantly improving the app and your feedback helps prioritize the app development direction. All new feature development requests and improvement suggestions are added to a development list. As more people request a certain feature the higher it moves up the list. 

What archery rounds are supported by ArcherySuccess?

Current archery rounds supported:

• Archery Australia

• Archery GB (Imperial, Metric, Indoor and Worcester) 

• Vegas

• World Archery (Target, Indoor)

• World Archery, Field (Marked and Unmarked)

• Additional rounds can easily be created using the custom round feature.

How do I resume a round on ArcherySuccess

 Steps to resume any round: 

      1. Tap the Journal tab at bottom of screen

      2. On an Apple device: slide left on the round you want to resume and choose resume from the menu
           On an Android device: press down on the round you want to resume until a menu appears at the top of the screen and select resume from the menu.

      3.  After selecting the resume option, the Plot tab will be displayed and the round you selected to resume will be shown.