The archery scoring app has five main features grouped under the Progress, Journal, Score, Plot and Gear tabs to help you and/or your coach keep track of your progress.

Score Tab

Score Tab

Current build-in archery rounds:
• Archery Australia
• Archery GB (Imperial, Metric, Indoor & Worcester)     
• Vegas     
• World Archery (Target, Indoor)     
• World Archery, Field (Marked & Unmarked)  

Don't see your favourite round?
No problem! Just create your own round using the custom round builder feature.

The score tab works in sync with the plot tab, and allows for the selection and scoring of either built in archery rounds or custom rounds. 

You can 

  • Create custom rounds and rounds of up to four distances, each consisting of 12 ends of 12 arrows. Upon selecting a round to be scored, a blank score sheet will be displayed. The round will only start and be created in the journal when the first score is entered. If the app is closed and re-opened during a round, the last round in progress will be opened.
  • Delete and rename custom rounds without any impact on scored rounds or round in progress. 
  • Enter Scores via a custom colour coded keyboard which corresponds with target colours and score values. A miss is colour coded as green. Entered scores are also colour coded according to arrow value
  • Change entered scores by selecting the score entry on the score sheet and choosing a new value 
  • Remove a score by clicking the undo button. 
  • All totals are updated as the round is scored.
  • Add notes to the score sheet by clicking the notes button
  • Select gear setup used to shoot the round.  
  • Change or create gear info via the gear tab. 
  • View or resume rounds by clicking on the journal tab and then sliding left on the journal entry and selecting resume.

Plot Tab

Plot Tab

The plot tab works in sync with the Score tab. The main difference is it allows for round scores to be entered via touching a zoomable target face. 

  • The target face shown on the plot screen matches the round being scored, e.g. for a Vegas round the Vegas three sport target face will be shown.
  • Buttons are provided to quickly center, zoom and for three spot targets, to also select a target by number. 
  • A button which enables or disables showing the center of the arrow group for an end is provided. 
  • On three spot targets the group indicator is displayed on the 2nd target. 
  • A single finger touch and move gesture can be used to pan the target face quickly. Touching two fingers to the target face and then using a pinch type gesture can be used to zoom the target face in and out. 
  • Score entry can be done either via single tap (Quick Entry) or tap and hold (Precision Plotting), which brings up precision plotting cross hairs. 
  • Arrows plotted can be removed via undo or changed by selecting the arrow in the score sheet and the plotting the new arrow value. 
  • Only arrow values entered via the plot screen will appear on the target face, if the arrow value is entered via the Score tab, then it will not be shown on the target face, but will still be shown and counted, as part of the end. 
  • Arrows missed and their miss direction can be plotted in a grey band which is around the target face.  
  • Round and end total are shown at the top of the plot screen, and the arrow values for the current end is shown at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Current end arrows are shown on the target face as arrow values inside a green circle, previous end arrows are shown as a black circle to reflect holes for arrows shot in the target face. 
  • A notes button allows for notes to be added to the score sheet and also for the selection of the gear setup used to shoot the round.  Gear info can be changed or created via the gear tab. Rounds can be viewed or resume by sliding left on the journal entry on the journal tab and selecting resume.

Progress Tab

Progress Tab

This is a weekly progress dashboard where you can see the following: 

A report on arrow count vs arrow count goal.

  • Rounds shot for the week with scores.
  • Other journal entries, such as notes and arrows count added to the journal during the week.

Two graphs are displayed for key metrics:

  • One graph shows arrow count by weekday
  • Another graph shows arrow average by weekday

You can also:

  • Access historical weekly reports by clicking the caret-left icon which changes the report to a previous week.
  • Use the Settings button located at the top left of the progress tab to enter the archer’s name and default email address which will be used to email reports. 
  • Select the start day of the week for the progress report
  • Set the weekly arrow count goal. 
  • E-mail the weekly progress report, in html format, via the default email client on the phone with a button click. The button is located on the right top of the screen.
  • See the About and Licensing information 
  • See app support website

Journal Tab

Jounal Tab

The Journal Tab provides access to a searchable list of all rounds shot, notes, arrow counts, etc.  All information displayed in the list is searchable. 

You can:

  • Search the journal by entering search text into a search text box.
  • Resume or delete an entry by sliding left on an existing journal entry
  • Edit the note associated with a round by sliding left on an existing journal entry
  • Enter custom journal entries for a selectable date and time.

Custom journal entries are:

  • Arrow count journal entries - Can be used either to enter a single arrow count value or add/delete arrow counts in selected increments, via single button click. This makes the screen useful as an arrow counter. A note can also be stored with the arrow count.
  • Notes journal entries - Entries can be used to add anything of note to the journal, which will be included in the progress report.
  • Round journal entries – These entries will appear in the journal when created via the Score or Plots tabs. Clicking on a round will show the score sheet for the round, including arrow plot. The score sheet can be emailed, in html format, via the default email client on the phone with a button click. When viewing the round in in progress the score sheet will be updated immediately as the round is scored.

Archery  coaches and archers in training programs click here for more info.

Gear Tab

Archery Gear Selection Tab

Gear Tab

A list of setups is displayed in the gear tab. A setup is the combination of a bow, arrows and corresponding sight settings. Each setup has a unique identifier and can be given a name. 

You can 

  • Create a new setup: Click on icon at top right of Gear tab to create a new setup
  • Edit a setup: Click on a setup in the list. The edit screen will open.

Enter: Setup name 

  • Gear selected (bow and arrows) Clicking on the Gear link opens up the select gear screen. In the Select Gear Screen a note for the setup can entered and the bow and arrows associated with the setup be selected. By swiping left on the bow or arrows used in the setup, the bow or arrow set can be changed after setup creation, however rounds shot with the setup will then have incorrect gear associated. After assigning a bow or arrows to a setup, details can be entered for the bow and arrows.
  • Sight settings associated with the setup. On the edit screen, sight setting can also be entered, deleted or copied to a text editor to be copied. 

  • Copy a setup: Swipe left on setup entry in the setup list and select to copy.
  • Favourite a setup: Swipe left on setup entry in the setup list and mark as Favourite.  A Favourite setup will be used as default for new rounds. Your favourite gear setup will always appear first on gear list
  • Delete a setup: Click on a setup in the list. The edit screen will open. Select setup to be deleted. Click trashcan icon in the top right hand of the edit screen to delete setup..